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Call to Arms

Posted by Molly Smith on
Call to Arms

Hi babes,

I know, it's been a while. We've had a lot going on and the whole blogging thing has kinda gotten away from us. Sorry about that.

But we're back, cos part of what we've been doing is getting seriously RILED UP at the lack of diversity within our industry, and we've got a whole lotta stuff to say about it!

Bridal Diversity | Rock the Frock Bridal | Essex Cheshire Sussex

Image by HT Photo

It's International Women's Day and we feel the need to get REAL for a second.

There are many, many plights facing women all over the world - women are fighting for equal pay, fighting for the right to study, fighting adversity, fighting misdirected anger, fighting injustice, the list goes on (& on & on).

To be a true feminist you have to acknowledge that you are fighting for all women - not just women like you, not just women like your mates, but women all over the world in all walks of life.

To be a true activist you have to DO. The conversation is growing, and that is huge and that is helping, but we're feeling like we could be DOING more here at Rock the Frock.


I think we make it pretty clear that we are feminists. That we believe in equality and that we want all women to feel accepted and special and EMPOWERED.

But wanting that just isn't enough for us. We need to MAKE THAT HAPPEN.

Bridal diversity | Rock the Frock | Essex, Chehire, Sussex

Image by Northern Native Photography

We're sick of spending so much time searching for images of women in wedding dresses that we can share with you to reflect the fact that women LIKE YOU get married.

We're sick of having SEEK OUT suppliers who are inclusive and photo shoots that are diverse and powerful women who are taking a stand.

YOU are getting married.
And WE are powerful women.
So TOGETHER we need to be the change.


This is a call to arms.


Bridal Diversity | Rock the Frock Bridal | Essex Cheshire Sussex

Print by Olivia Lettering


We are calling all Rock the Frock brides to join us and to show yourselves. I don't mean get naked - we're not expecting you to show that much. Let me explain...

We want to create a mob, an ARMY of brides to make a statement:

We are HERE. We are WOMEN. And we are BRIDES.

We want to make you feel beautiful, but more than that we want to make you feel SEEN.

Bridal Diversity | Rock the Frock Bridal | Essex Cheshire Sussex 

Image by Vanessa Lynne Photography

Forget being beautiful for a second and think about what else you have to offer: You are so great that someone wants to marry you. That's a big deal! An entire lifetime's commitment - you gotta be pretty great, guys! And we want to celebrate that greatness, but, more than that, we want to shout about it.

We want you to join us - to join each other - get together, get bridal, and get LOUD. 


We want to create a campaign with a LOT of women; all kinds of women, who are all races, all sizes, all sexualities, and we want them to DEMAND attention.

We want this campaign to show women that they deserve to be represented and that, if they're not, they can fix that. With a little help from their friends.

Image Her Place Is In

So, we're calling Rock the Frock brides to get in touch, to get your wedding dresses back on, and to make some new friends.

We want REAL women in this shoot and we want a lot of them, so, if you are willing to give us your time, we will give you the chance to be a part of something special.


If you'd like to join us please get in touch: email and let us know that you want take part.

And if you're not a Rock the Frock bride but you want in, then email us! We're looking to gather together a DIVERSE group of AWESOME women, so don't be shy!


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